Photo at left:  WAR Tobys Nightwind, foaled 1995.   Paternal Great Grandsire to KR Cheyennes Image.      

DREA Ochoco Eagle, photo at left,   foaled in 2001.    Sire to DREA Tobygirl Ochoco..

Reference Sires

WAR Tobys Troubadour, foaled 6/11/2007  ApHC  100% FPD.  Sire of KR Cheyennes Image. 


Photo at left:  Joker B, F-678, foaled July 21, 1941.  Our mares Ochoco Black Bonnie, WR Blaze Onyx Melody and WR Hawk Misty Morn go back to Joker B in their pedigrees.

Photo at left,  KK's Blu Phoenix, 1992 stallion.  Paternal Great Grandsire to our stallion, DREA Chewelah Celilo.

DREA Commanchebluhawk, 1998 stallion, currently owned by Jami Turnbull in Fortine, Montana.  Paternal Grandsire to our stallion, DREA Chewelah Celilo. 

Revel Soquili, photo at right,  foaled in 1999.  Being ridden by Irina Weese of the Wyoming Appaloosa Ranch.  Paternal Grandsire to KR Cheyennes Image. 

Photo at right:  ​Foaled in 1946, Red Eagle F-209, was bred by ApHC founder Claude Thompson in Oregon.   Our stallion, DREA Chewelah Celilo goes back to Red Eagle 9x.    Six of our mares also go back to Red Eagle in their pedigrees including:  DREA Tobygirl Ochoco, WR Hawk Misty Morn, Ochoco Midnight Magic, Ochoco Black Bonnie, BCAP Cheyenne Maki and KR Cheyennes Image.

Pratt Sully Fire, 1990 stallion.   Maternal Grandsire to our stallion, DREA Chewelah Celilo.

Photo at right:  Ulrichs Cheyenne, foaled 1987.  We have three daughters sired by  Ulrich Cheyenne-Ochoco Black Bonnie, Ochoco Midnightmagic and BCAP Cheyenne Maki.  We also have a maternal Grand daughter of Ulrich Cheyenne-our home raised 2013 filly, KR Cheyennes Image.