Keenan Ranch

Ismay, MT  59336


Above:  ​Chewy at 1 month old.


At right:  Chewy's Sire, DREA Bluwater Celilo,  2X Grand Champion Stallion in Chile.  Photo is from 2017.   Celilo has 170 F numbered Appaloosas in his extended pedigree.

.​Our Stallion - DREA Chewelah Celilo,  ApHC #667449 

   Sundance 500 1665G,  Colorado Ranger Horse 7351        

Introducing DREA Chewelah Celilo, a smoky black near-leopard stallion,  ApHC #667449,  100% FPD(Foundation Pedigree Designation).  Chewy is black based  homozygous EE and  carries one copy of the cream gene nCr.  He is 5 panel clear with Animal Genetics for HYPP, Herda, GBED, PSSM1 and MH.  He is 15.1 hands and born  5/23/2010.  He is from Decker's Red Eagle Appaloosas out of Alvadore, Oregon and his foundation bloodlines include:  Mansfield Comanche(6X), Stormcloud F,  Red Eagle(9X), Toby I, II, III, Chief Chelsea(3X), Arab T. Alkhar, Chief of Fourmile, Patchy F-416(4X), Sundance 500(5X), Chocolate Sunday and The Ghost Wind Stallions.  Chewy is certified with Sundance "500" International as being a Sundance Bloodline Appaloosa.  Certificate 1665G.    He is also registered with The Colorado Ranger Horse Association.  Certificate 7351.   We do not offer stallion service to outside mares.

Chewy had 30 days of training as a two year old with Josh Bilbrey.   As a three year old he continued his training with Josh moving cattle in big pastures on a ranch near Miles City, Montana.  One of Josh's remarks was how much confidence Chewy showed with cattle.  His level headed disposition is truly enjoyable to be around.