John & Katie Keenan

8940 US Hwy 12

Ismay, MT  59336


Chewy's Sire, DREA Bluwater Celilo,  2X Grand Champion Stallion in Chile.  Photo is from 2017.   Celilo has 170 F numbered Appaloosas in his extended pedigree.

​Chewy at 1 month old.

Introducing DREA Chewelah Celilo, a smoky black near-leopard stallion,  ApHC #667449,  100% FPD(Foundation Pedigree Designation).  Chewy is black based  homozygous EE and  carries one copy of the cream gene nCr.  He is 5 panel clear with Animal Genetics for HYPP, Herda, GBED, PSSM1 and MH.  He is 15.1 hands and born  5/23/2010.  He is from Decker's Red Eagle Appaloosas out of Alvadore, Oregon and his foundation bloodlines include:  Mansfield Comanche(6X), Stormcloud F,  Red Eagle(9X), Toby I, II, III, Chief Chelsea(3X), Arab T. Alkhar, Chief of Fourmile, Patchy F-416(4X), Sundance 500(5X), Chocolate Sunday and The Ghost Wind Stallions.  Chewy is certified with Sundance "500" International as being a Sundance Bloodline Appaloosa.  Certificate 1665G.    He is also registered with The Colorado Ranger Horse Association.  Certificate 7351.  

Chewy had 30 days of training as a two year old with Josh Bilbrey.   As a three year old he continued his training with Josh moving cattle in big pastures on a ranch near Miles City, Montana.  One of Josh's remarks was how much confidence Chewy showed with cattle.  His level headed disposition is truly enjoyable to be around.  

.​Our Stallion - DREA Chewelah Celilo,  ApHC #667449