2015 colt, KR Sullys Bay Rebel.

At left is 2019 colt, KR Bonnie Lad and at right is 2018 filly,  KR Bonnies BlackLace

   2014 colt, MHS Tobys MontanaSky.

2014 filly KR Wind nthe Willows.  

BCAP Cheyenne Maki, ApHC 661477, 93% FPD,  Maki was born in 2009.  We purchased her as a 3 yr old from Blue Creek  Appaloosas in Walla Walla, Washington.  She is 15.2 H and started under saddle with her previous owner.   Sired by Ulrichs Cheyenne.   Maki is 5 panel clear with Animal Genetics for HYPP,  MH, GBED, HERDA and PSSM1. Very pleasant and friendly mare.

Maki, Tobygirl, Denali, and Black Bonnie ....




2013 filly KR Cheyennes Image, sired by WAR Tobys Troubadour.

                    She is ours!

John & Katie Keenan

Ismay, MT  59336



WAR Big Horn Denali, ApHC #655490, 97% FPD .   Born in 2008, Denali is a 16H red few spot mare.  Very sweet personality.  She is from the Wyoming Appaloosa Ranch in Greybull, WY where Irina Weese was training her in dressage.   Sired by Toby Cherokee Chief, Denali is 5 panel clear with Animal Genetics for the following disorders. HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1 and MH.   

DREA Tobygirl Ochoco,  ApHC #667450, 97% FPD .  Born in 2010, Tobygirl is from Decker's Red Eagle Appaloosas in Alvadore, OR.  She is 15.1 H, started under saddle and has tremendous foundation bloodlines.  She is 5 panel tested clear with Animal Genetics for PSSM1, HERDA, GBED, MH, and HYPP.


2016 colt, KR Ghostwinds Secret.

2017 colt, KR Maksimillion.

2018 filly, KR Biscuits N Honey

2017 filly, KR Bonnie Lass.

2016 filly, KR Lochness Princess. 

Irina and Denali

2015 filly, KR Rose of Montana. 

Left to Right:  2015  KR Denali Fourmile,  2016 KR Big Horn Mac,  2017 KR Denali Bluspot.


Ochoco Black Bonnie,  ApHC # 653311, 100% FPD.  Born in 2007, Black Bonnie is a black few spot mare that we purchased from the Rafter DS Ranch in Fossil, Oregon when they retired from breeding in 2015.   We had admired Bonnie for quite some time and were grateful for the opportunity to have her join us.  She is sired by Ulrichs Cheyenne and is 5 panel clear with Animal Genetics for HYPP,  MH, GBED, HERDA and PSSM1.