Our fist colt of 2021 was born April 28th!   Introducing KR Midnight Jazz!  Jazz is a handsome black leopard  colt sired by DREA Chewelah Celilo and out Ochoco Midnightmagic.   Photo  below was taken at 2 1/2 weeks old.   Photo at left was taken at 1 month 3 weeks old.  He is 100% FPD eligible(foundation pedigree designation) with ApHC.

John & Katie Keenan

Ismay, MT  59336



Heritage and Versatility!    The majority of our foals are born late April through early June and will be weaned late October.   They will be offered for sale after they've been weaned and we've had a chance to work with them.   They will all be sired by our herd stallion, DREA Chewelah Celilo.  They will be registered with ApHC and eligible for the ApHC FPD (Foundation Pedigree Designation) Program.   Our foals are also eligible for Colorado Ranger Horse Association (CRHA) registration.    Our sire and all our broodmares have been 5 panel tested negative with Animal Genetics for the following genetic disorders:  PSSM1, GBED, HERDA, MH and HYPP.  Every foal from our program will be free of these genetic disorders.   





Cheyenne's colt, a handsome bay leopard, was born on May 9th 2021.  KR Nightwinds Baron is 1 month and 1 week old in the photos.  Sired by DREA Chewelah Celilo and out of KR Cheyennes Image, Baron is 100% FPD eligible with ApHC.   

Keenan Ranch foals are born and raised in a 180 acre pasture with varied terrain that includes a brushy creek bottom, open fields and hills.  They learn to travel the pasture while interacting with other members of the herd.  They occasionally share the pasture with cattle.  We visit with them frequently and they enjoy getting attention. Whether you are looking for a ranch partner,  family horse or competitor, we believe our program gives our foals a great start to go in many directions.                                     



​KR Prairiesmoke Paty was born on May 11, 2021.  She is a black snowcap filly and 8 days old in the photo lower right,  1 month 1 week old in photo upper right,  and just over 2 weeks old in the photo on the left.  Paty is 100% FPD eligible and sired by DREA Chewelah Celilo and out of Ochoco Black Bonnie.

We have 6 foals  for 2021~3 fillies and 3 colts!  We hope you will enjoy the photos below and come back often for updates!

KR Dakota Star was born on May 5, 2021.  Sired by DREA Chewela Celilo and out of WR Hawk Misty Morn, he is 97% FPD eligible and 2 weeks old in the photos.  Dakota is a non characteristic appaloosa and is 5 panel clear by parentage.   We decided to call him Dakota Star in part because of his bright star on his forehead which really stands out against his dark brown coat, but also, because he goes back to Dakota Jim (F4917) 5 generations back on his dam's side.   Check out Dakota's pedigree to learn more of his foundation bloodlines!  Two weeks old in photo on left and three weeks old photo above.

On May 23, 2021, our sixth foal was born.  KR Bay Adaire "Addie" is a pretty bay filly with one small white spot on her forehead.    Sired by DREA Chewelah Celilo and out of BCAP Cheyenne Maki, she is 100% FPD eligible.   Addie is 3 weeks old in the photo on the left and 8 days old in the photo to right.


Our first filly of 2021!  KR Bluwater Lily was born on April 28th.  She is 100% FPD with ApHC.  Lily is 12 days old in the photo on the left and one month old in the photo on the right.  She is sired by DREA Chewelah Celilo and out of  DREA Tobygirl Ochoco.