John & Katie Keenan

Ismay, MT  59336


Some of our replacement heifers from 2017.

A home raised black baldy cow babysitting a group of calves mid summer.



Our yearling(born 2017) Angus bull on the left sired by HPCA Proceed.    Below is our 4 year old Angus bull, sired by Final Product. 

The Keenan Ranch has been selecting for top carcass and performance genetics for years for our commercial cattle operation.  We use Angus and Hereford Bulls as well as A.I. to produce purebred Black Angus and F1 Black Baldy steers and replacement heifers.    Approximately 75% of our cow herd is home raised.     Available for Fall delivery will be 100 head of steers and approximately 50 head of replacement heifers.